Stage 14: Blagnac to Rodez

A punchy stage to Rodez takes us through the valley of the Tarn River, site of a catastrophic flood in 1930.

Heavy rains at the end of February 1930, coupled with a rather wet winter which saturated the watershed, overloaded the Tarn watershed and sent 8000 cubic meters per second of water down the river (Boudou et al. 2016). For comparison, the mean annual discharge of the Tarn is about 230 cubic meters per second, and a flood of the magnitude of the 1930 flood has an average recurrence time of around 300 years.

Over 200 people lost their lives in the flood, 10,000 people were rendered homeless and damages amounted to some 500 million euros in 2015 terms. The town of Moissac was particularly hard hit as some dykes broke and inundated the town.

Revisiting the classic finish in Rodez from 2015. Michael Matthews got the win over 2015’s winner Greg van Avermaet.


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