Stage 21: Montgeron to Paris

As usual, the 2017 edition of the Tour de France ends with the circuits up and down the Champs-Élysées in the French capital. The gutter that Zdeněk Štybar tried to ride away from the bunch in conveys water from the road into the famous network of sewers responsible for carrying wastewater out of the city.


The first sewers were constructed in the 13th century under the reign of Philippe Auguste, but, like most of the city, were largely rebuilt during Haussmann’s urban renewal project on the order of Napoleon III. The new sewer system was designed by Eugène Belgrand.


A photograph of a Parisian

The sewers quickly became an iconic if subterranean part of the Parisian landscape. There is a sewer museum, and, of course, Victor Hugo, writing during the Haussmannization of Paris, was inspired to set a climactic scene of Les Misérables in the pre-Haussmann sewers of 1832.


And with the sprint win by Dylan Groenewegen, the 2017 Tour is over. Come back in about 11 months for more Les Eaux du Tour.



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